Thursday, August 25, 2016

the sums never add up at all

so i wanted to write something about legacy, and cachet, and what that means to me as a measure of a person.

i guess i've been thinking about it a lot ever since the tragically hip's final concert, and the deaths of david bowie, and prince, and lemmy, and alan rickman, and every other entertainer and artist we've lost in 2016. it's the knowledge that we're all here for one time only - it's not like a video game, where you make a save point and hit reset if you want to start over again - and so you've got one shot to make your life matter. it's about having ambition to be somebody that people miss when you go, and somebody who leaves a mark on the world.

it's easy to be scared that you won't be one of those people.

it's no secret that i miss my twenties a lot, and it's mostly because for me, those years were full of so much possible for the future. i could do fucking anything. i had the chance to decide where i would build my legacy, and i would do it.

but then i kind of didn't? or at least, i haven't yet. and the trouble is that i'm a few years out of my twenties already, and i still don't know where to start, and i'm haunted by the fact that it's already too late for so many paths i could have taken.

for some people, their legacy is their children. and okay, fine; that makes perfect sense. they're the thing that gives you worth -- that confirms your life is meant for something. it was never the path for me, though, and i've known that since i was a teenager. maybe your legacy is your work and your career, but it's not like i've ever had a set career path either. i've got my writing ability, sure, but as a writer, the endgame ambition is always to write a book, but i've never had the inclination, and what would i write about anyway? my years as a hard-drinking rock n' roll party girl? we all knew that girl. it's not a very original story.

for some, their legacy is their art that they create, and that's the exact reason why i've loved musicians for as long as i have. i spent my twenties touring around with rock bands, and they were some of the finest examples of people with cachet that i've ever met in my life. they were also prime examples of what sort of sacrifices it takes, over years and years, to build a legacy. so when people ask me how i can understand those lives outside of the norm as well as i do when i've never lived them myself, i just tell them that i know, because i was there. it's built a lifelong empathy into me for any artist or entertainer who sacrifices a "normal life" in order to do what they love, and that hopefully others will love, too. it's why i've always loved them -- because i've seen the toll it takes, and i was there to listen.

cachet means a lot to me. it's a weird thing to explain, i guess, but i deeply value people with ambition, and people who want to make something out of their lives. i guess maybe i've always hoped it would rub off on me a little, and maybe i could tag along until i determined what i was meant to do. but that never really amounted to much - you can't count on somebody else to save you - and now here i am at 32 years old wondering what's left that i could do for myself, so that i don't keep having the nagging worry that i've been wasting my life.

anyway. i don't mean to be a huge bummer here; my life's good, i have my health, and things are fine. and really, i know this isn't a unique dilemma to have -- i feel like a lot of us struggle with self-worth from time to time. but i get this feeling a lot as fall approaches, because that's also when i turn one year older and get one step closer to my eventual end. and ever since i turned 30, i've started feeling more and more afraid of this time of year, because i know in my heart of hearts that i haven't added up to anything, and so many doors are already closed to me.

so what do you do when you're not sure what to do with your one life, and you can't stop feeling like you're running out of time to make something out of yourself?

exeunt existential thirtysomething crisis.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

time to pretend

the least fun thing is when you're a person with a uterus and you get hit with pms during a super-busy work week, meaning you have to juggle tasks against a background of alternating lethargy and frantic moods, migraines, and nausea. at least i can struggle with it in the comfort of my own home, i guess.

pms kit.

so now that i'm equipped with a new laptop, i really ought to make more of an attempt to try writing somewhere other than my apartment. (it's not like my former laptop wasn't portable, but its battery was borked, so it had to remain plugged in at all times) the only problem with this ambition is that it sounds good in principle, but not quite in action.

if i want to leave my place and head out into public to work, i feel the need to get cleaned up, put some makeup on, do my hair, put some pants on (the other steps may not be a requirement but pants certainly are). after some consideration, it all feels like too much effort for maybe a few hours by myself at a cafe, especially compared to the option of not bothering with makeup (or pants) and just working from the solitary of my own home. (call it frugal if you want, but all my makeup and hair stuff costs money, and the less i have to use the better)

but man, i miss being out in the general population. and after last week, when i basically confined myself to my apartment for almost a week - because of the extreme heat, and also because i needed to get work done - i was really missing just getting out for a walk. now that everything has eased off a bit and the weather has stopped being fires-of-hell hot, i'm back to wanting to spend more time outside of my place.

that's one of the benefits of freelancing: you can work wherever you want. me, though, i'm still not completely used to working in a spot other than my own place. reluctance to put on pants aside, i don't know if i'd concentrate very well at a coffee shop or the library or anywhere other than my own apartment. and that kind of sucks -- the fact that i can't really take advantage of the "work wherever you want" scenario. i read articles about freelancers who move overseas and work from all across the globe, because they can. and i've always kind of loved the romantic notion of packing up my laptop and just travelling, going wherever i want to without having to worry about putting on the ol' out of office reply, because i can bring my office with me.

i will say, though, that having my ddp yoga dvds has definitely been a saving grace through these busy months and hot weather. it's so nice to still be able to get some exercise, even if i'm confined to my apartment. (i don't weigh myself, so i'm not sure if i've lost any weight at all, but i feel better, so that's important)

alright, i'm back to the grind. have a big smile from this new neighbourhood friend:

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

the digital age

the saga of the new computer!

so i actually got my laptop delivered earlier than i expected, yet after i booted it up for the first time, i noticed a problem: a tiny dead pixel on the screen. i tried not to let it bother me, but my eyes kept flickering back to it throughout the computer setup process, and then it really started to bug me. no way did i spend full price on a brand-new laptop that had a dead pixel!

and so even though it went against my nature of "ugh, that's too hard, i won't bother", i filed for a return and replacement, less than two hours after i initially received it. welp.

fortunately, it wasn't a difficult process, and it took all of 15-20 minutes to wrap up my defective laptop, print off the prepaid return form, and send it off. considering the fact that it was only going as far as mississauga, it went back within a day, and the replacement arrived at my door on friday. sweet! (though not sweet is waiting at home all day for your delivery just because the courier website says "on the truck for delivery"; it showed up at 4:58 p.m. great waste of a day)

then as i got ready to set it up and move all my files over, even more fun began: a boot disc error that kept my system in perpetual reboot mode (i eventually had to call dell support and get a technician to control my laptop in order to fix this "very common error we're seeing a lot lately"), followed up by some incredibly spotty browser connectivity. not even kidding, it was dragging so badly that i was wondering if i'd need to just get a refund -- it had an advanced processor and 8 gigs of ram, so there was no reason it should be barely loading websites. even my other laptop was running faster, and it was on the same wifi connection. welp.

but somehow it sorted itself out, and the browsers came back up to normal speed. i've been keeping a wary eye on them ever since, but the problem seems to have resolved itself. i mean, i've since gone to all the trouble of installing my programs and files and apps and bookmarks, so i hope it's good now. (though there's nothing like a new computer to make you realize just how many website profiles and passwords you have.)

anyway, it seems to be holding up fine 24 hours later, and i can also be a little triumphant that i managed to find my microsoft office suite boot discs from 2007 and they installed fine. i've officially got all i need. plus it seems a little brighter, and it's got a light-up keyboard, and a webcam, but no vlogs from me k sry.

i did have some pangs of sadness packing away my six-year-old laptop though, and i thought back to the computers i've known and loved: the bulky family desktop of my adolescence that i later inherited for university and kept for a few years afterwards; my first laptop that went to vancouver with me and back (plus since it was my first portable computer, i loved the hell out of it and still have fond memories of watching endless depeche mode videos while living with jenna in north van); my second laptop, which lasted six years and through three apartments, two relationships, and two jobs. i so easily get attached to possessions that have been with me through a lot, and especially when they're something that's been both a work partner and a means of communication with the larger world.

i hope that's not too weird.

it's also interesting to me, because for a big portion of last week, i just...stayed inside. aside from meeting my boyfriend for sushi on thursday, and running out for 15 minutes to ship back my defective laptop, from last tuesday until friday i legit didn't leave my apartment. not once. and if you know me, you know that's really weird for me, considering the fact that i get stir-crazy pretty easily. i think i was fine this time - i even enjoyed it a bit - because i knew it was keeping me away from the crushing heat outside (though my apartment wasn't too much better, honestly), and because i had a lot of good work to keep me busy, and because i used my ddp yoga dvds every morning so i didn't feel like i was an inactive blob.

the reason why it's interesting to me is that for once, i didn't feel the need to guilt-trip myself for staying home for the better portion of a week. maybe it was the weather, maybe it was work, maybe it was the fact that i wanted to be home for my laptop delivery -- but whatever the case, i actually felt okay with not leaving. i knew it was the best option. plus, it allowed me to be crazy productive, which was good timing considering my workload this month. so yeah, i felt a bit sluggish being homebound (i typically walk at least 10,000 steps a day and go to the gym five days a week), but ddp yoga has helped, and i was most definitely fine with not having to take multiple showers a day simply because i dared to venture outside. blech.

anyway, not all that exciting, i know, but it's a decent testament to sometimes giving yourself a break. i've got a book called the artist in the office (probably more relevant back when i worked in an office, but whatevs), and one part of it advises that, if you're feeling overwhelmed and like you don't have enough time to do everything, take a look at what you consider your daily non-essential priorities. now remove one of them, if only for a few days, and see if you feel like you're actually more productive. sometimes it can be surprising what you discover if you take yourself out of your usual daily routine.

this blog post was probably boring for a lot of people, but at least there's the takeaway of learning to give yourself a break once in a while. now i'm off to go watch bad tv until i fall asleep.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#Reverb16: Nostalgia

As the summer winds down, tell us about your favorite summer memories from this year (or any year). We want to see your freckled faces and tanned skin. Show us your summer.

aside from the island trip i already blogged about, there hasn't...been much happening in my summer, so far. a lot of that is due to the extreme fucking heat; i'm not too keen to leave my apartment when the sun is threatening to scald my skin off, and so any out-and-about plans are pretty muted.

instead, when i think back on summer 2016, i'm going to think of the following:

- lying on my couch and sweating in my underwear with the fan turned on me. one of the much-joked about perks of working from home is getting to do it in your underwear, and i'm definitely living proof -- especially in the extreme heat of this summer. since i don't have air conditioning, i have a lone fan that i turn on myself, and even though it just blows the warm air around, it's still a bit of a relief. thinking of summer 2016 is going to recall a lot of hot nights stretched out on my couch, lazily watching tv and sweating not uncomfortably.

- watching bad tv and drinking vodka sodas in the evening. to add to that, if i've been working all day, i prefer to wind down at night with garbage reality tv shows so i can just turn my brain off -- my current favourites are hoarders and intervention. add in a highball of vodka soda or two (with lime, please) and you have my recipe for relaxation.

- a lot of wrestling. i have been watching a shit ton of wrestling this summer 2016. between smackdown getting moved to tuesdays and the cruiserweight classic on wednesdays, i have three solid nights of 2+ hours of wrestling to watch, and you bet your ass i'm spending a lot of those sweaty evenings on my couch watching pro graps. i'm even enjoying my lazy saturday-night tradition of tuning in to ring of honor, shown in low definition on a cable access channel from buffalo, new york. it's fun to indulge your interests to such an extent.

- doing yoga on my living room floor in the morning. i've been sticking to the ddp yoga program of three workouts a week, sometimes four (though soon it's going to bump up to four a week), and it's especially useful when it's too hot to go to the gym. i don't mind looking like a gross sweaty mess when i'm working out alone in my own home -- even though i'm restricted to doing it early in the morning before my apartment heats up.

- writing in the dark. like, not nighttime dark - not usually, anyway - but if i'm working during the day, i don't bother with the lights on. it makes it a bit cooler inside, even if it's only my imagination. from the time i wake up until about 2 p.m., my apartment is a dark, cool little oasis -- unless it's a heat wave day, in which case no.

also, this is a great fucking song: